Frequently Asked Questions !!

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The TA Exchange is membership based community for Talent Acquisition Professionals.  You can apply to join via this link https://ta.exchange/apply

You can access the community via your desktop computer or mobile via a browser.    Once you are a member you can also download our Apple iOS App or Google Android App to login to the platform. 

Each group in our platform serves a specific purpose.  There are three primary group categories:

INDIVIDUAL Contributors

  1. Recruiters
  2. Sourcers
  3. Back Office Support
  4. Talent Marketers
  5. Project Managers
LINE Managers
  1. People Managers
  2. Line Managers
  3. Country Managers
  4. Office Managers
  5. Shared Service Managers

GLOBAL Leaders

  1. Global Leaders
  2. Sourcers
  3. Regional Leaders
  4. Executives
  5. Strategic Leaders

Note: these are just example job titles to give you a better understanding of the members of each category of groups.

In addition to these groups we have topic specific groups that vary by topic of interest.

You can join our experienced group of Talent Acquisition Professionals who dedicate their time to making this community what it is. 

We are regularly looking for Article Contributors, Workshop Facilitators or Group Moderators.

For more details visit our careers page https://ta.exchange/careers/

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"Join our community to realize the benefits so many others have from being apart of the TA Exchange."

What We Do & Our Benefits !

We want to create an environment that allows people in the recruitment industry to address the challenges they are all facing today.

Keep up-to-date with the latest Talent Acquisition trends so you continue to develop your career.

Have the ability to learn from peers, mentors and leaders across the Talent Acquisition Industry.

Having a deep network in Talent Acquisition can help you achieve what you are looking for.

Too often we stay connected to just immediate people in our close network. This community gives you the opportunity to broaden your network.

The intent of this community is to bring individuals that are innovative and professional across a wide range of areas in Talent Acquisition together.

If you are an existing member and want to raise something with our team, sign in to raise a ticket and we will get back to you.